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Posted by SLC Water Wellness Center on 10/17/2018 in Business

Molecular Hydrogen Generator



A low cost portable unit that creates therapeutic amounts of molecular hydrogen (H2) anywhere.

Key Features:
PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) which rapidly creates soluble H2 in the water in the glass container or in plastic water bottles that can be attached to the base of the unit. Glass water storage compartment. USB to charge the GO from your computer, car, or an electrical outlet

The scientific community has indicated that molecular hydrogen (H2 gas) is beneficial to every human organ and specifically to 170 human diseases
The scientific community has indicated that H2 acts as an: Anti-inflammatory, Anti-Allergenic. Also it upregulates the body’s natural antioxidants, improves cognitive function, increases metabolism, increases energy. Visit the third-party scientific research on the Molecular Hydrogen Institute website. 

Suitable for:
Everyone - no harmful effects have ever been detected from millions of hydrogen users as excess H2 is exhaled by your lungs.

For Best Results:
Press the button on the base twice which will cause hydrogen gas to be created for 7 minutes which will produce water enriched with 1.5ppm + after the break in period. Drink the hydrogen rich water as soon as it is made

Glass top. PEM (Proton Exchange Membrane) which rapidly creates soluble H2 in the water. Adaptors to attach portable water bottles. USB and cord to charge the unit.

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