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Posted by Stem Cell Therapy on 05/26/2020

Stem Cell Therapy for Knees


Stem cell therapy for knees is a proven, effective treatment for injuries and diseases like osteoarthritis. Your knee doctor in NYC uses your own stem cells, taken from bone marrow. Stem cell injections for knees then encourage your own body to heal naturally. Stem cell for knees is a safe alternative to surgery.

When your knee movement is impaired — either due to reduced mobility or pain — it can significantly impact your overall quality of life. If you suffer from knee pain, you’re familiar with the agonizing frustration of not being able to get around like you used to. Knee pain can prevent you from working to your full potential, playing with your kids or participating in your favorite sports.

Treatment options for your knee pain previously were limited to steroid injections, physical therapy, partial replacement or full knee replacement surgery. But today, you have the option of cutting-edge knee stem cell treatment — your knees no longer have to give you trouble.

Stem cell injections for knee pain have been proven to successfully improve knee arthritis and encourage healing from knee injuries. Unlike steroids and physical therapy, which can inevitability lead to surgery, stem cell for knees treatments actually heal damaged tissue, providing long-term or even lifetime relief.

How Stem Cell Therapy for Knees Works

Stem cells are the cells in your body that have not yet developed into different parts of your body. Depending on the environment your stem cells are placed in, they develop into specialized cells — such as bones, cartilage or soft tissue. When stem cell for knees are injected, for example, they latch onto damaged areas and begin turning into the tissue that your body needs to heal.

Stem cells also have naturally occurring anti-inflammatory properties that provide added relief to painful joints. While offering anti-inflammatory pain relief, your knee stem cell therapy injections get to work by replacing degenerated tissue with fresh growth. Stem cells injections also help restore mobility because they contain hyaluronic acid, which acts as a lubricant to your joints and tendons.

Stem cell therapy for your knees goes beyond temporary pain relief — it works to heal damaged tissue. Stem cell for knees, when delivered by an experienced pain specialist such as Dr. Leon Reyfman, takes advantage of your body’s ability to repair itself. With knee stem cell injections, you find lasting relief. The therapy allows you to maintain or even gain mobility — to move freely, exercise and play.

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When you visit the Brooklyn office, you never receive cookie-cutter treatment. Following a thorough medical history and a complete examination that may include blood work and X-rays, Dr. Leon Reyfman spends time getting to know you, your medical goals and your willingness to try innovative procedures, such as stem cell therapy. Contact the Stem Cells Therapy for an appointment by number (718) 488-0188.

Payment: cash, check, credit cards.

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