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Posted by Stem Cell Therapy on 05/26/2020

Stem Cell Therapy for Arthritis Pain


Arthritis is one of the most painful and debilitating diseases. Stem cell therapy for arthritis pain is an effective treatment not just to ease your pain, but also to begin to repair the damage. Since arthritis strikes your joints, you can get stem cell therapy for hip arthritis pain, for example. When you’re given stem cells for arthritis, you feel the difference, and it actually fights the disease.

More and more research confirms that stem cell therapies have proven to be highly effective for treating pain. Arthritic pain has responded particularly well, and stem cell therapy for arthritis is quickly growing in popularity around the world.

The results are hard to deny. But regenerative therapy technology may sound too good and too easy to be true. It may be difficult to believe that the solution to your chronic arthritis pain was waiting inside you the whole time. But that’s the basic principle behind stem cell therapy for osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

And Now for the Science…

Stem cells are the basic building blocks of life. The tissues and components of your body are made from stem cells. And even after you’re finished developing, your body keeps a reserve of stem cells on stand-by to use to repair any damage that happens to you.

When you get hurt, your body sends a flood of stem cells to the area to heal whatever’s wrong. The cool thing about stem cells — what makes them able to handle different injuries in different parts of your body — is that they are able to differentiate. This is just the scientific way of saying that stem cells can become other types of cells when they need to.

More Good News

Additionally, stem cells possess growth factors that encourage healing in your damaged tissues. also attract other cells to help heal the injury. And on top of all that, stem cells have anti-inflammatory properties. So, they actually help repair damage already made, which no other treatment for arthritis pain can match.

It’s a pretty good system. One that your body is already programed to perform naturally. But as you age or get injured, it becomes harder for your body to send the stem cells where they need to go. This is where regenerative therapy and stem cell injections are able to give your body’s healing process some assistance.

Read more: https://www.stemcellstherapynyc.com/stem-cell-therapy-for-arthritis/
When you visit the Brooklyn office, you never receive cookie-cutter treatment. Following a thorough medical history and a complete examination that may include blood work and X-rays, Dr. Leon Reyfman spends time getting to know you, your medical goals and your willingness to try innovative procedures, such as stem cell therapy. Contact the Stem Cells Therapy for an appointment by number (718) 488-0188.

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