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Posted by Manhattan Periodontics & Implant Dentistry on 05/24/2020

Soft Tissue Graft – $1,875.00


If you have recently been told by your periodontist that you require a gum graft midtown east then you might have been slightly alarmed. The good news is that a gum graft NYC is nothing to worry about, particularly when carried out by a highly qualified and experienced periodontist such as Dr. Navid Rahmani at Manhattan Periodontics & Implant Surgery.

Why Do I Need to Gum Graft?

There are a couple of reasons why you might need a gum graft midtown east, as if your gums have significantly receded then the gum graft midtown east will help protect your teeth. Having a gum graft would also help improve your smile.

Gum recession can occur if you had advanced periodontal disease which can cause the gums to significantly recede. Gum recession is where the gum tissue pulls away from teeth, exposing more of the tooth and even the tooth root. Significant gum recession can damage the bone supporting your teeth. It is an extremely common problem and is estimated to affect up to 12% of adults.

Many people fail to notice they have gum recession as it is such a gradual process, but over time they may notice that teeth begin to look longer than before which can result in a less than appealing smile. In addition gum recession can cause significant tooth sensitivity when eating hot or cold foods. Eventually, without treatment gum recession can cause tooth loss. Repairing the damage caused by gum recession with a gum tissue graft will help protect your teeth and will give you a more cosmetically appealing smile.

What Will Happen During a Gum Graft Midtown East Procedure?

This all depends on the type of graft required and your periodontist in NYC will recommend the most suitable graft for your needs. There are three main types of grafts that can be used, but the most common is called a connective tissue graft. This is where your dentist will cut a small flap in the roof of your mouth to remove some of the connective tissue underneath the skin flap. This connective tissue is stitched in place and the flap in the roof of your mouth is also stitched back in position.

A free gingival graft is similar but the graft is taken directly from the roof of your mouth, rather than from underneath a flap of skin. You might need this type of graft if you have very thin gum tissue. A pedicle graft takes gum tissue from near the exposed tooth and one end of the tissue remains attached. The flap of gum tissue is pulled across to cover the exposed tooth root and is stitched in position.

You may not necessarily have a gum graft midtown east using tissue from your own body, as sometimes periodontists can use growth proteins which help stimulate the body’s ability to grow new tissue and bone where required.

How Long is Recovery?

Recovery should be quite quick and uneventful. You will need to stick to soft foods until the graft site has healed, which will normally be within a week or two and you should follow instructions on how to keep the graft site clean during healing.

Read more: https://www.periony.com/gum-graft-midtown-east-periodontal-surgery-nyc/

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