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Posted by Redefine Healthcare (Edison Office) on 05/26/2020

Shoulder Injuries


When you injure your shoulder, however slightly, you realize how much you rely on the joint to do everyday tasks. And since the shoulder joint is the loosest in the body, you can injure it in many different ways. If you’re experiencing the pain and stiffness in your shoulder from an injury, get medical help and guidance from the sports injury doctor in NJ, leading pain management specialists at Redefine Healthcare in northern New Jersey.

A shoulder injury usually shows up as swelling in your shoulder joint, along with pain when you move your arms or shoulders. You feel a general stiffness in the vicinity of your shoulder, which makes simple acts painful. Getting a box of cereal from the top shelf in your kitchen cabinet suddenly becomes impossible. The likelihood of you losing the strength in the shoulder and arms is also high.

With shoulder injuries, you sometimes feel a grinding sensation as you move your shoulders.

Because there are so many moving parts in your shoulder joint, you need to be examined by a pain management specialist at Redefine Healthcare pain clinic in northern New Jersey. You may have torn tendons, popped your shoulder or fractured or broken a bone.


What Leads to a Shoulder Injury

Shoulder injuries are predominant in young adults who play sports. When you swim or play tennis, for example, you use the same muscles repeatedly. That can lead to overuse problems and injuries in your shoulders. If you work at a desk during the week and then participate in a competitive sport on the weekend, you can injure your shoulder due to a lack of preparation.

Your risk of a shoulder injury increases as you reach middle age because your muscles aren’t as supple as they were when you were younger.

Another common cause comes from doing a lot of manual work. Construction workers, gardeners, window cleaners and painters complain of shoulder injuries. Constantly reaching overhead or moving your arms the same way repeatedly causes stiffness, limiting your shoulders’ range of motion.

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