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The real estate industry encompasses a wide spectrum of professions that rely on the expertise of certified public accountant (CPA) firms specializing in real estate transactions. Real estate CPAs provide the complex financial services that keep your business flowing, help you maximize your profits at every turn and supply you with the means to meet all your financial obligations.

A top accounting firm in New York City, Washington DC and Sarasota, FL, Miller & Company, LLP provides extensive, thorough real estate accounting services for everyone who plays a role in the industry, including:

Count on the guidance and services of an experienced real estate accountant for every sector of the industry, from residential, industrial and commercial real estate to homeowner associations and condominium properties.


A real estate accountant does more than just your bookkeeping. An integral part of your team, your top Miller & Company real estate CPA helps you navigate the complex and multi-faceted industry that’s rife with regulations and unique challenges.

An expert CPA for commercial real estate provides an extensive array of services designed with your specific needs, including:

  • Self-employment accounting. As a general contractor or individual investor running a sole proprietor or partnership operation, your personal finances are intricately involved in your business transactions. You need a CPA specializing in real estate to ensure you’re protected at all times.
  • Forensic accounting. You can protect yourself and your company with a real estate CPA from Miller & Company. They’re grounded in the intricacies of forensic accounting, able to root out fraud and provide the due diligence required before an IRS audit, as well as help protect you financially in the case of insurance claims or lawsuits.
  • Payroll. Working with subcontractors, tenants, office staff and a slew of other professionals on your projects requires a special kind of knowledge about the complexities and mass payroll challenges you often incur. That’s where Miller & Company shine.
  • Cash flow management. With money going in and out during an active construction project, you must rely on your real estate CPA to keep track of the flow. And when you aren’t in an active project, you must still manage cash flow prudently to maintain your company’s financial health.
  • Internal controls. By recommending the latest, most effective real estate software and mobile apps, as well as workflow processes and internal management parameters, a CPA specializing in real estate sets you up for continued success.
  • Forecasts and budgets. While no one can predict the future, a real estate CPA with extensive experience in the industry sees the general tides before they arrive and steers your decisions to maximize your profits and reduce your risks.
  • Retirement and succession planning. The earlier you begin planning for your eventual retirement, whether yours is a family business or not, the better situated you’ll be. Your long-term real estate CPA keeps you informed of steps you need to take and when you need to take them, throughout your career.

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