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Posted by on 07/14/2021

Premium Westwood Health & Fitness Club – 0.00


Looking for a little extra guidance or inspiration to help you meet your fitness goals? Woodside Club is a membership-oriented health facility offering a luxury gym in Westwood, a wide range of health and fitness equipment that allow members to achieve their health and fitness goals through regular exercise programs, moreover, we have combined the best workout classes with outstanding service and an unbeatable atmosphere. From the building design to the variety of equipment, Westwood fitness club offers a truly unique experience.

Here some of the reliable services offered by us

1. The Club

2. Group Fitness

3. Personal Training

4.  Tennis 

5. A Day Spa

6. Beautiful Pools

7.  Modern Spaces

8 Social Events & so on

Woodside’s mission is to deliver an entertaining, educational, friendly and inviting, functional and innovating experience of uncompromising quality that meets the health and fitness needs of your mind, body, and spirit & have the passion, desire to RESOLVE-REBUILD-REWARD and REPEAT for the life of your body. Feel free to contact us at 913-831-0034 .

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