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Posted by Manhattan Women's Health & Wellness (Upper East Side Office) on 05/22/2020

Pelvic Floor Reconstruction


Pelvic floor reconstruction is a surgical procedure that addresses a condition called pelvic organ prolapse. Prolapse occurs when one or all of your organs around your pelvis herniated or collapse into your vagina. It’s not a life-threatening condition; you may not even have any symptoms. But if you do, several treatment options are available to you by gynecologist, Dr. Zelmanovich in Midtown Manhattan, including pelvic floor reconstruction.

Prolapse often occurs because of muscle or ligament damage. These muscles and ligaments support your pelvic floor, but a difficult labor or a hysterectomy can leave them weak. Other causes are the menopausal lack of estrogen and chronic pressure on your abdomen from lifting, coughing and constipation. The types of prolapse you can experience include:

As you can see, pelvic organ prolapse can happen before or after a hysterectomy. Pelvic floor repair and hysterectomy are not interrelated. In other words, your organs can prolapse whether or not you’ve had a hysterectomy, and getting a hysterectomy in our gynecology in NYC clinic doesn’t mean you’ll experience organ prolapse.

Prolapse Symptoms

Most women who suffer from a prolapse have mild symptoms or no noticeable symptoms at all. In these cases, your New York Midtown OB GYN may not prescribe any treatment beyond regular check-ups. On the other hand, severe prolapse symptoms include:

  • Feeling like there’s a lump in your vagina
  • Tissues that protrude past your vaginal opening
  • Feeling like your pelvic area is full or heavy
  • An ache that originates in your pelvis or lower abdomen
  • Discomfort or even pain during sexual intercourse
  • Discomfort when trying to urinate or move your bowels
  • An unusual urgency or frequency in urinating
  • Not being able to empty your bladder completely
  • Recurring urine tract infections
  • Constipation
  • Low back pain

Read more: https://www.obgynecologistnyc.com/procedures/pelvic-floor-reconstruction/

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