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Non-Resident Tax Return


Resident aliens are defined as individuals who possess green cards and aren’t U.S. citizens. Resident aliens have passed the test for residence and are considered permanent legal residents. Non-resident aliens are those individuals who don’t have green cards, but are legally in the U.S. Non-resident aliens are usually in the country temporarily. If you’re a resident alien inside the United States, you’re responsible for filing a Non-Resident Tax Return.

Resident aliens are non-citizens who have passed one of the following tests:

  • Green card test, which basically awards you status as a “lawful permanent resident” through the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. As a resident alien, you must always carry your green card, which is your registration card from the government.
  • Substantial presence test, which proves that you were in the country for the required number of days (31 this year, 183 over the past three years).


If you’re a resident alien inside the United States, you’re responsible for paying tax on all the income you receive, including income from foreign countries and pension payments from a foreign government. As a resident alien, you may be eligible to claim an exclusion on foreign-earned income to reduce your gross taxable income. If you work for a foreign government, you may receive an exemption on your income if your employing government has a reciprocal tax treaty with the U.S. and therefore do not need to file a Non-Resident Tax Return.

Unlike resident aliens, non-resident aliens only have to pay tax on income earned from an employer inside the United States. Your income earned from another country is totally exempt. For example, if you’re from India and you own a business in Mumbai and another one in NYC, you only have to pay taxes on what you your American company earns and have to file a Non-Resident Tax Return. For the sake of U.S. taxes, you can safely ignore the income your Indian company generates.


If you have investment income that originates in the U.S., it’s typically taxed at a flat rate of 30 percent, unless an existing treaty has other terms. You can claim your spouse as a dependent, as opposed to filing a joint return, especially if your spouse doesn’t earn any income. If you’re a non-resident alien, you have to be diligent when maintaining your records to verify all sources of your income, in the event you are audited by the IRS.

If you’re in the country as a resident alien or non-resident alien, you actually may be exempt from tax liability, depending on your situation and income sources. While it’s always a good idea to file even if you don’t owe taxes, the rules are different for you. In general, as a non-resident alien, you have to file Non-Resident Tax Return if you earned any income in the U.S.:

  • Through a trade or business that is “effectively connected” or
  • That is defined as “fixed, determinable, annual or periodical” (also known as FDAP)

The international tax experts at Miller & Company with offices in NYC and Queens specialize in preparing and filing individual income taxes for non-residents in the United States who land in the upper income brackets. When you work with a top NYC CPA, you get personalized service — a professional who spends the time with you to figure out the best tax strategy for your needs and goals.

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