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Posted by Divine Kailash on 09/17/2021

Divine Kailash Offers Muktinath Yatra from Gorakhpur


The Muktinath yatra from Gorakhpur with Divine Kailash offers the perfect balance of both for a surprisingly affordable price. For 6 days we provide hotel accommodation, transportation services, airport pick up whenever needed - so just get packing today for Muktinath yatra before this offer goes away! The Muktinath yatra is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is one of the other 108 major Divya Desams. "Divya Desam" means Divine Place devoted to Vishnu, while it's also believed that whoever visits this place gets salvation. Go for Muktinath yatra with Divine Kailash!

Overview on the Mukti Nath Yatra

Some Devotees believe that the Mukti Nath Yatra is the ultimate way to achieve nirvana, and Buddhists have always believed it as well. However, what both religions seem to agree on is that this site holds immense religious value; after all, Lord Vishnu attained his salvation here! Legend says Lord Vishnu himself attained his salvation at Muktinath yatra after visiting it three times; once on foot as a human being, then again mounted on an elephant he had summoned into existence through yogic powers and finally seated a top Garuda -his divine carrier- who helped him fly there without tiring or stopping until they reached heaven's gates themselves! The site holds immense religious value to both Hindus and Buddhists alike due to its significance so close to Kathmandu Valley which was at the 3,800-meter altitude of Muktinath yatra. It offers a perfect example about how two different cultures can share sacred spots with mutual respect and understanding. Do Muktinath yatra with Divine Kailash!

Get The Best Muktinath Yatra Plans

If you've always wanted to go on Muktinath yatra, your chance has come! Divine Kailash is a well-known travel company and will offer the perfect Muktinath yatra plans from Gorakhpur. Starting at just Rs. 35,000/- only, this tour gives travellers everything they need for their journey towards enlightenment - transportation, accommodation and food during the trip. If you're planning on making a pilgrimage or yatra at one of Nepal's most sacred sites go with them today because who knows when it'll be possible again. Travellers can now enjoy an affordable way to see all of their favourite sites with Muktinath yatra from Gorakhpur with Divine Kailash on a six-day package. This includes two nights at the base hotel, as well as four additional days around Kathmandu or Pokhara depending on your preference for travel. Transport services are also included throughout the duration of this stay in Nepal, so you don't have to worry about being stranded without any help! Hurry though - these Muktinath yatra packages will end up soon!

Name: Divine Kailash

Address: No. 156, ground Floor, Phase II, 1st main, Whitecity Layout, Seegehalli, Virganagar, K R Puram, Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560049

Phone: +91 9886274292, +91 8884883555

Email: yatra@divinekailash.com

Website: https://www.divinekailash.com


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