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Posted by Broadway Family Dental on 05/24/2020

Dental Veneers


Veneers for teeth are used by your dentist in Brooklyn, NY, Dr. Dekhtyar to cover cosmetic dental irregularities and damaged teeth. For example, you can get veneers for crooked teeth, making your smile straighter. While dental veneers cost a little extra, many people have benefitted from them in numerous ways. At Broadway Family Dentistry we use only the best dental materials available in the USA. We work with top dental labs in New York and use only the highest quality dental components available on the market today. 

What are Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers for teeth are handcrafted coverings for individual teeth. Your Brooklyn dentist at Broadway Family Dental uses these strong coverings to correct or cover many dental cosmetic problems. The wafer-thin shells that compose veneers for teeth cover the front of the tooth to improve their appearance.

Veneers for teeth have many uses in addition to cosmetic. For example, dental veneers for crooked teeth not only have a cosmetic effect, but a functional effect as well. Whether made of resin or porcelain, veneers don’t discolor over time and resist chipping or fracture.

Problems Corrected by Veneers for Teeth

Some of the many cosmetic dental problems veneers for teeth can address include:

Veneers on teeth can even protect the surface of damaged teeth, preventing the need for more extensive dental work.

Procedure for Placing Veneers

Whether you’re hoping to cover discoloration or use veneers for crooked teeth, the procedure is the same:

  1. Your Brooklyn dentist examines your mouth to decide if you’re a good candidate for veneers. You may need X-rays, photos or impressions.
  2. Your dentist removes about 0.5 millimeter of enamel from your tooth to provide room for the veneer. He uses a rotating cutting tool called a burr. Because this may cause some discomfort, you may opt for a local anesthetic.
  3. If you choose a resin-bond composite veneer, your dentist slowly builds up, shapes and lengthens the composite to match your other teeth. Light-sensitive resin quickly hardens.
  4. If you choose a porcelain veneer, you have to return in two to four weeks for the bonding, to give the dental lab time to make your veneers. You may be fitted with temporary acrylic veneers.
  5. Your dentist fits and trims your veneers as necessary. The tooth is cleaned, polished and etched for a strong bond.
  6. Special cement or light-sensitive resin is applied to the veneer before it’s placed over your tooth.
  7. After hardening, your dentist removes excess cement and evaluates your bite.
  8. You may have a follow-up visit to check that your gums remain healthy with your new veneers.

Read more: https://www.broadwayfamilydentalpc.com/general-cosmetic-dentist/dental-veneers-veneer-teeth-cost/

Complete dental care in one convenient location, Broadway Family Dental is for patients who won’t compromise care, comfort or quality. Once you are seated, it is possible for your dental dreams to come true, sculpting a smile that is second to none. You will discover Broadway Family Dental is where you and your smile belong. Call on (718) 455-4400 for an appointment.

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