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Posted by LuxDen Dental Center on 05/25/2020

Dental Crowns


Dental crowns in Brooklyn, New York are specialized prosthetics that are positioned over teeth to enhance strength, durability, and to create a smoother look. They can be used when a tooth is cracked, there is an old filling that needs to be replaced, or severe tooth decay, to name a few instances. Not only are crowns custom made, but they also come in a multitude of different materials depending on the case and are matched to the color of your other teeth for a uniform appearance.

A dental examination can help us to determine when you may need a crown. We can examine your teeth and gums to determine whether you’re a viable candidate for dental crowns in our Brooklyn dental office.

A Finest Quality Porcelain Crowns Designed For You

A dental crown is designed to cover up a tooth that is badly damaged and where much of its original structure has been lost. Sometimes dental crowns are used to cosmetically improve the appearance of a tooth and to create a more perfect smile.

Every dental crown made here in Brooklyn at the LuxDen Dental Center has been carefully designed to closely replicate the size and shape of a natural tooth and we only use the finest quality porcelains that have the same kind of translucency and liveliness found in a real tooth.

Once the crown is in place, structure and strength will have been restored, so you will be able to smile with complete confidence and you can bite and chew without fear of your tooth crumbling or cracking.

When Would I Need a Dental Crown?

Dr. Umanoff and our team of Brooklyn dentists here at the LuxDen Dental Center may suggest you have a crown if you have a tooth that has a particularly large filling, perhaps due to significant tooth decay and where it has become weakened due to loss of structure. If you left that tooth with just a filling, there is a real risk that the tooth could crack or fracture when you bite or chew food.

We may also suggest you have a crown if you have a tooth that has become broken or fractured, or where it has received root canal therapy.

Dental crowns can also be used to restore teeth that are badly worn down or to cover up a tooth that is misshapen or too small, or which is severely discolored. Crowns are also used to hold dental bridges in place and can cover up dental implants.

What Is the Procedure for Having a Crown?

If you do need a crown, our dentist Dr. Umanoff will explain the procedure in a lot more detail, including why this treatment is necessary and which crown would best suit your needs. Your tooth will need to be prepared by shaping it and removing all damaged portions. This part of the treatment is
carried out under local anesthetic to ensure you are completely comfortable at all times.

Conventional crowns are made in a dental laboratory and the next step of the process is to take a detailed impression of your newly prepared tooth. The impression is then sent to the dental laboratory with our prescription and will be handcrafted to our exact specifications. This normally takes at least a week or two, during which time your tooth will be protected with a temporary crown. You will need to take a bit more care while wearing a temporary crown as it’s best to avoid very hard or sticky foods that could loosen or break a crown.

When you return to have your permanent crown fitted, we will remove the temporary crown before trying in your new restoration to make sure the fit and appearance is absolutely perfect. Once we are satisfied, the crown is cemented permanently in place. Crowns made in a dental laboratory can be fabricated from metal alloys that are polished to a high sheen and which are suitable for repairing back teeth where there is very little room. We can also provide you with metal alloy crowns that are covered up with lifelike porcelain and which create a highly aesthetic look.

Our top quality crowns are made entirely from porcelain and are suitable for cosmetic smile makeovers and for anyone who wants their smile to look its very best. The nice thing about all ceramic crowns is the way the light is transmitted right through the crown, whereas with a crown that has a metal substructure, the light is unable to pass all the way through. These crowns still look extremely good, but it’s more difficult to replicate the natural appearance of a real tooth. We also have another option which is to have a crown made while you wait.

Read more: https://luxden.com/crowns/
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