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Posted by on 12/13/2022

Customize Your Porsche with Design911.co.uk – $1.00


With years of expertise across many aspects of the automotive industry, we are here to take good care of your vehicle because all work is done inappropriately in insured facilities and under constant supervision.

When you are associated with Design911.co.uk, we ensure a customized Porsche to match your unique personality. It begins with a consultation, during which we will understand your unique nature and suggest customization options. The customization will include the following:

  • Exterior trim and color.
  • Interior styling (seat, materials, design technology, wheels, breaks and engine selection). Paint finishing.

Our Porsche shop in London specializes in complete air-cooled and water-cooled engine rebuilds. We employ only items and equipment that have undergone extensive testing and training. We can significantly improve your car's performance in all areas and remap it by utilizing various high-tech solutions, such as Quantum Tuning, Sport Performance exhaust systems, Power flex polyurethane bushes, and IPD (Innovative Pro Design) Plenums induction technology. Whether it's an online purchase or a comprehensive paint correction package, our team will do its utmost to guarantee that all customer requirements are fulfilled in a timely and competent manner.

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