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Posted by Truck Insurance Pros on 03/02/2020

5 Surprising Advantages of Purchasing Semi-Truck Insurance

5 Surprising Advantages of Purchasing Semi-Truck Insurance

Trucking is a staple in international business. In the U.S, the industry is worth $700 billion and employs nearly 6 percent of all full-time workers. Truck drivers, both company-leased and owner-operators, have immense opportunities to earn good money on the road. But high pay-outs come with high risks, which means purchasing the right insurance is an absolute must.

Commercial trucking insurance is expensive. The cost to maintain coverage causes many drivers to choose high-deductible plans with lower premiums. Others may forgo certain coverages altogether, opting solely for what the FMCSA and their company requires. While you can legally be on the road with limited coverage, there are major advantages to exploring all your options, customizing a plan, and buying the right semi-truck insurance for you.

Read More: https://www.truckinsurance-pros.com/5-surprising-advantages-of-purchasing-semi-truck-insurance/

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