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FT Limited (FT-TS)


FT Limited(简称FT-TS)是一家英国的金融科技公司,技术团队成立至今已走过10年历程,拥有着认真、勤奋、严谨态度和做事风格的英国工程师们,凭借十分丰富的后台技术和经验,在金融市场更加繁荣、成熟的欧洲市场占有一席之地,并享有非常良好的口碑。
FT Limited (FT-TS for short) is a British financial technology company. The technical team has gone through 8 years since its establishment. It has British engineers with serious, diligent, rigorous attitude and work style. Experience, occupy a place in the more prosperous and mature European market in the financial market, and enjoy a very good reputation.

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