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Posted by Best Health Booster on 02/26/2019

What Is H2 Boom

What Is H2 Boom

Why Molecular Hydrogen

Is H2 for you?

Unless you eat right, exercise regularly, and live a relatively stress-free life you might want to consider drinking H2 enriched water.  The benefits your body receives from an adequate supply of H2 are diverse and important to your health.

Less than ideal diets, stress, and other factors work against your body’s ability to produce H2 which in turn deprives your body of energy, a vital  antioxidant, and a number of other factors that have a positive effect on your health.

Is H2 safe?

H2 gets absorbed into your blood stream from the small intestines where it created during fermentation.  If a H2 molecule encounters a hydroxyl radical as it circulates through the body, the H2 will neutralize the radical creating harmless water.

Any unused H2 gets exhaled when it eventually reaches your lungs after its journey through your body.  

That means you can never ingest too much H2 and there are never any adverse side effects.

H2: The Super Antioxidant

Super doesn’t mean powerful.  In fact, H2 is a very weak antioxidant which is responsible for it being so effective.

Because H2 is such a weak antioxidant, it only bonds with and neutralizes the most reactive and harmful free radical (the hydroxyl radical) in your body.  

What makes H2 so unique and special is that H2 doesn’t neutralize the other beneficial free radicals like other antioxidants.  

H2 is also a unique in another way. When H2 neutralizes a hydroxyl radical, the byproduct is water which is healthy.  When other antioxidants neutralize free radicals by donating an electron, the antioxidant itself becomes a free radical and must be eliminated or an endless chain of free radicals is created.

The fact that H2 creates harmless water when it neutralizes a hydroxyl radical and unused H2 is exhaled in the lungs means that you can’t ingest too much H2,

H2 Upregulates (stimulates the production of) other natural antioxidants that our body’s need such as glutathione, catalase, and superoxide dismutase

H2 is a tiny molecule (1/88 the size of Vitamin C which is the next smallest antioxidant)  which allows it the unique ability to enter into the mitochondria of cells to assist in the production of energy for cells.

The Science Behind H2:

  • More than 700 independent scientific research studies and reviews have been conducted indicating potential benefits of H2 in 170 specific diseases as well as being beneficial to every organ in the body.
  • The first significant study referencing hydrogen as a beneficial medical gas was published in 1975 by Dole at Baylor University and Texas A&M
  • A study by Dr. Ohta at Nippon University in 2007 launched H2 as a new field of study that is now the focus or 1,600 researchers
  • To date, there have been 40 human studies published while 15 more studies have been completed and await publication.
  • With so much effort being focused on the study of H2 around the world, it is  anticipated that the understanding and known benefits of consuming H2 will expand rapidly in the future as H2 has been identified as being beneficial to every organ in the body.

The Benefits of H2

  • According the science based website www.molecularhydrogeninstitute.com describes the following benefits of H2 ingestion gleaned from independent scientific studies:
  • Anti-Inflammatory….great for arthritis and injuries involving swelling
  • Anti-Allergy...reduces hypersensitivity to immune system caused by reactions to something in the environment
  • Anti-Apoptotic protection of cells….allows for the natural progression of the life cycle of cells as opposed to unnatural termination of cells which can lead to complications
  • gene expression....modulates the transcription of DNA to RNA which is then translated into proteins
  • signal transduction (aka cell signalling)...facilitates messaging into cells
  • protein phosphorylation….energizes
  • reduces oxidative stress and improves redox homeostasis…..…. regulates levels of beneficial free radicals such as glutathione, superoxide dismutase, catalase, etc
  • metabolic syndrome….reduces risk of diabetes, strokes, and heart disease
  • diabetes….improves the ability to produce or use available insulin which safely controls the level of sugar in the blood          
  • hyperlipidemia….helps control high levels of lipids (fats, cholesterol, triglycerides in the blood) circulating in the blood
  • Parkinson’s disease…combats a degenerative disorder in the central nervous system which typically affects motor skills
  • rheumatoid arthritis…fights the autoimmune disease which mistakenly attacks joints instead of bacteria and viruses
  • mitochondrial dysfunction...counters disorders created by  dysfunctional mitochondria which act to deprive cellsl of energy
  • exercise performance….athletes have been found to be able to  compete at maximum performance levels for a longer periods
  • reduced athletic recovery time….allows athletes to get back to training faster
  • wound healing...faster recovery
  • reductions of oxidative stress from chronic hepatitis….combats inflammation of the liver
  • improved blood flow….benefits heart, arteries, muscles by increasing oxygen to organs and extremeties
  • Periodontitis...fights gum disease that damages the soft tissue and bone that support your teeth
  • Dialysis...improves kidney function
  • tumours …. Improves quality of life in patients receiving radiotherapy for treatment of tumours

The impressive list of benefits sounds almost too good to be true and the list has been determined by a small number of researchers in less than a decade.   

It is anticipated that many more benefits, both specific and general, will be unearthed over time as studies are produced by the 1,600 scientists now focusing on H2.

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